The Recovery Place

Toronto's First Private Recovery Home

The Recovery Place

"The bridge between treatment and freedom from addiction"

The Recovery Place is a sober-living recovery home for people of all demographics who suffer from substance abuse or other addictions. At our two substance-free residencies, we provide one-on-one and group support along with 24-hour access to support staff.

Our Services

Rather than restrict functioning, we encourage independence and healthy decision making. Daily support is provided to help clients reach their full potential. The Recovery Place offers a variety of services, such as:

Individual Counselling Sessions

Residents work closely with an in-house counsellor to continue with ongoing goal setting, life skills, motivation building, and other principles that were introduced in treatment

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Group Support

Daily group sessions are held on-site by The Recovery Place Staff. Sessions include self-reflection, meditation, and recovery based readings. Additionally, all residents have access to up to three psycho-educational groups at an outside facility, which is included in the cost

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24 Hour On-Site Support

Assistance is provided to clients who are going through severe physical, emotional, mental or behavioural distress. Support is provided by our on-site staff who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

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Access to Outside Therapists

We can connect residents to a network of resources that they may require for individual needs or secondary support, such as psychologist, psychotherapists, psychiatrist, grief counselors, and general physicians.

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Our Philosophy

The Recovery Place aims to provide hope and healing for clients in recovery by treating each day as a promise of our future, not as a consequence of our past. We facilitate transformed functioning at home, work, and where ever a life of recovery and growth may lead our residents

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Clients will be asked to complete the following document as part of the intake process. Please contact us before reviewing and filling out the following form.

Download Guidelines and Intake Form